Alumni is an integral and important part of the program "New Horizons." The knowledge and competence which are received by our alumni are used to achieve their personal goals in life and the development of their region. The Alumni Association of the program "New Horizons" is a dynamic platform that unites graduates of all generations and segments of the program, established for the initiation of new and strengthening existing contacts, develop and implement their own initiatives, search partners, and coordinate the work in the regions. Alumni Association shares the values and philosophy of the program "New Horizons", attracting new participants. Also, members of the association are the mentors and trainers in the program.

At the moment were implemented three projects of Alumni Association - ECOMOST, Multikulti and Enjoy Working.


"New Horizons" it is not a place it is people!!! People who gather together, create and inspire others. This is the thread that ties with beautiful, bright, light people who burn and give others the light, fire, and part of their soul.

"New Horizons" unite, bind together to stretch the bonds of friendship, love and deeds. This is a place, where you are accepted individually and with all “your bells and whistles”, with a smile, where people work with enthusiasm and with soul.

Here I can be myself and no matter how many questions I ask, I am always carefully listened and got respond.

"New Horizons" has given me possibility to self-realization, to believe in myself, brought me great friends, didn’t let me to be bored after each meeting and make enjoy every moment which spent with the program, I got a great experience. I love "New Horizons" for what it gave me, and gives. I am grateful to God that he tied me with a very strong thread with "New Horizons." Deldah !!!

I learned to be myself, to express and defend my opinion, express my feelings. "New Horizons" showed that my interests, attitudes, beliefs, feelings may be invested in something that will benefit others.

Now I am involved in a project of alumni of the program "MULTI CULTI".

Rassmiya Dzhamaldaeva An alumnus of the component "Start" in 2015

New Horizons is a real alma mater ...

Theodor Heuss College trainer, journalist.

Topics of interest: cross-sector collaboration, critical thinking, sustainable development.

Hobbies: prose, videography, traveling.

What is New Horizons for you?

New Horizons program became the real Alma Mater for me, here I increased my knowledge, in the very short time, discovered the new world and got the inspiration for even greater achievements. With New Horizons I have linked with some of the warmest memories that warm me up in the most overcast day.

The program has opened new prospects for me, where I can grow higher, faster, with the greatest benefit for myself and others. It gave skills, which I use in my daily work and in my projects. Now, in my region, I'm developing a media project in the field of cross-sectoral collaboration. In general, the most interesting thing I have still ahead. For me, the program is over, and I'm very envious of those who are only getting to know it.

Цунцаев Магомед
Magomed Cuncaev An alumnus of the component "Start" in 2015

If you compare the "New Horizons" with a tree - it is Mandarin because he is comfortable, he looks like a knitted scarves and woolen socks. If you compare the "New Horizons" with the profession - it is a freelance writer. He creates, he does not have a dress code, and he is self-sufficient.

If you compare the "New Horizons" with the color - it's blue, because it as intelligence, as self-knowledge.

If you compare the "New Horizons" with any area in the house - this is the place in the house made of pillows, that's where we found comfort in our childhood.

And the "New Horizons" well ... we are all different, there are students, working people, even schoolchildren among us. We all are from different cities, we are people of different professions, but we all have the one house, where we are going, to have a rest from everyday life and think about how to embellish the world around!

Now I’m a mentor of the program and a manager of "OK" project.

Эмма Эдаева
Emma Edaeva An alumnus of the component "Start" in 2015

Now I work in Youth Centre in Mineralnyie Vody and I am a chairperson of Youth Ethnic Chamber in Mineralnyie Vody. I also was a representative of Alumni Association of “New Horizons” program.

Besides, I manage to study the Law, to travel and make new friends who can help put my ideas into action.

Each time coming to one of the North Caucasus Republics, I feel like home thank to my friends from “New Horizons”.

Looking back I realize if I hadn’t joined New Horizons I couldn’t have met these great people, I couldn’t have seen so many amazing places and learnt so many wonderful things around me. And maybe the most important I wouldn’t have found myself.

Изабелла Бабаян
Izabella Babayan An alumnus of the component "Start" in 2014

Head of the “School of Friendship” project, manager at students ethnic council in NCFU. Advertising and Commercial Public Relations expert, graphic artist, editor and designer of effects for video-processing.

Favorite fields: new technologies in editing, 3D-graphics, IT, Engineering, Futurology.

Hobbies: drawing, creating videos, English, books.

I enjoy having fun and being positive doing labor of love. The most important is my friends and family, they inspire and make me move ahead. I believe a formula of successful person – “Knowledge + Discipline = Success”.Logo of success: “Want to help others, help yourself first”

“New Horizons” helped me to find new friends, get new knowledge, new confidence. I am absolutely happy that there is such a platform which was a trampoline and opened New Horizons for me. Thank you very much for that!!!

Movsar Fargiev An alumnus of the component "Start" in 2015

Together with Emma Edaeva they implemented “OK” project aimed at solution of intercultural conflicts.

Volunteer in “Volunteers of Stavropol movement”, volunteer in interactive platform “Territory of mutual understanding” and group “Support”.

Educational year with New Horizons was for me the best and most efficient year in my life, it is a fairy-tale where everyone is a main hero. New Horizons is the best trainers. It is friends and endless emotions!

Thanks to New Horizons, I realized that there were no obstacles to achieve your goal if it’s really important for you. The program gave me a lot of knowledge and support in achieving my personal goals. And, of course, it gave me plenty of pleasant and friendly people around me.

Thank you New Horizons!

Rose Elmurzaeva An alumnus of the component "Start" in 2015

New Horizons is an opportunity to show what you are and what you can.

In 2015 I supervised a lot of projects of New Horizons participants i.e. I was the mentor of some of most talented members of “our family”.

At the moment I’m a regional superintendent of labor-political movement “Steel” and the head of “Civil oversight” project, protect the rights of the most insecure layer of people in RF, propagate their interests in local government.

Favorite topics: Conflictology, Philosophy, Politology, Military medicine and recipes of pancakes.

What is New Horizons for me?

First of all, it is an opportunity to show your friends and “mini-authorities” what is my worth and what I can do. All their life from childhood to elderly, people are convinced that nothing depends on them. The New Horizons team proves during the whole year that everything is possible and real. They teach you never give up and always achieve your goal using all the sources. I fear to think what some of us could be doing now if we hadn’t taken trainings with Sokhayla, Rasul, Ismail, Inessa and other trainers. They helped us to prepare the basis to find our own New Horizons.

Ника Майрамуков
Nika Mayramukov An alumnus of the component "Start" in 2014

New Horizons is a lot of friends.

Civil servant, speechwriter, initiator and head of the project on road safety “Public control” in Republic of Dagestan. Lover of faraway trips and unexpected learning of new skills.

Interests: web-design, analytics, computer graphics and polygraphic design.

Participating in New Horizons carried out a revolution in my mind, helped to look at the world and people around me in a new way.

The program and trainers helped to finalize the idea of the project that went through different forums but never found support. But after New Horizons support, the idea of the project got a lot of rewards. And surely, New Horizons means a lot of friends, and I always look forward to meeting them.

Ragim Kaflanov An alumnus of the component "Start" in 2013

New Horizons is expectation, a long way, beautiful landscapes, new people, meetings, learning-learning- learning, touching reflection, not goodbye but see you and the way home. But that is not the end…

2015 was the year for me to be a mentor for four wonderful guys, who are now alumni of the program. They are Katerina Shunaeva, Islam Hushtov, Parisa Farakhmand and Ramzan Kibishev.

Every time I heard goodbye and it was time to go home, my suitcase was heavy not because of clothes or other things but because of knowledge I got there. And after coming home I always use and develop these skills.

But what is New Horizons for me? It is opportunities that other people gave me!

Abubakar Kagermanov An alumnus of the component "Start" in 2014

New Horizons is an entire planet in a huge galaxy.

Coordinator “Uncut diamond” project, a member of Stavropol volunteers’ movement, secretary and just an active member of Association of Foreign Students in Stavropol. She was born in Uzbekistan in Tashkent city.

Interests: self-development, volunteering, animation, extreme (hang-gliding, snowboard), photography, poetry, dancing. I love children, life and people around me. They make my world brighter! I dream of buying a trailer and spend each new day in a new city! I am Katya, Katyusha, Kat as you like. I love life, to live and enjoy each moment. Volunteering is my lifestyle. And how it happened I was here?

It all started in faraway 2014 when I came to Russia from sunny Uzbekistan and joined the Stavropol volunteers movement. The person who brought me there was Iznaur Khazuev. I remember I asked him what I have to do to join them. And he answered I had to help 200 old ladies cross the road, donate 50 liters of blood and beat the strongest volunteer with a sword. It was very funny. And that is how my volunteering started.

What is New Horizons for me?
- It is a source of emotions, feelings and euphoria
- It is the ocean of memories without bottom
- It is my second family where everyone is equal and united
- It is the place where my soul has settled
- It is my motivation

I can continue this list forever as it is endless. In fact, it is an entire planet in a huge galaxy with its own laws, language and inhabitants. And those, who have never been here, can hardly understand what we have experienced here and what have tied us up so tight together. New Horizons became something absolutely special for me. It was like an explosion after which life can hardly remain the same.

Катерина Шунаева
Katerina Shunaeva An alumnus of the component "Start" in 2015

New Horizons is cultural diversity.

Head of project office in Juzhno-Sukhokumsk, chairman of city trade union committee of social service workers. Head of “Russian school of politics. Republic of Dagestan” regional project. Graduated from Dagestan State Technical University – faculty of Engineering and Economics and Moscow Automobile and Road Construction University. Participant of many Russian and international youth forums. Grant winner of “Mashuk-2013” forum with the project “Memorials for the heroes of the Great Patriotic War in rural areas of Republic Dagestan.” In 2015 participated in trainings on civil journalism and finished the school of oratory “Way to success”.

New Horizons gave me an opportunity to see cultural diversity of Caucasus, and of course, I found a lot of friends. In any of Caucasian regions, I always meet my small family of New Horizons.

In 2014, I and my team successfully implemented project “Step by step to Friendship” in Stavropol. I suppose, it is multicultural cast that helped us to reach proper social effect which we had expected at the beginning. And one more thing about New Horizons, it gave me very useful skills which I always have with me and surely can use in various life situations.

Махачев Махач Магомед-Гаджиевич
Mahachev Mahach Magomed-Gadjievich An alumnus of the component "Start" in 2014

First of all, New Horizons is people.

Together with his team he implemented “School of Friendship” project. Active member of “Adygi” Cherkess cultural centre in Stavropol. Member of ethnic council at NCFU. Adygian representative of city ethnic council at NCFU. Representative of the intellectual game Mafia. Administrator of “La Dolce Vita World” intellectual club. Lawyer.

Favorite topics: entrepreneurship, mix fight, healthy diet, international relationship.

Interests: books, films, series, guitar, poetry, law, psychology.

Opinion: For me New Horizons is not just an educational program. First of all, it is people whom you want to meet again and again. Here I found myself, found new friends and motivation for self-development. The time spent here is in your mind forever.

Ислам Хуштов
Islam Hushtov An alumnus of the component "Start" in 2015

New Horizons is our home.

Head of “Mult-expeditsiya” forum, representative of “New Generation” Leader-center. Social worker. Specialist in tourism. Head of the kids’ animation studio “Orange Sun”. Hunter for glitter in children’s eyes and just a good person.

Favorite topics: animation, directing, personal development, intercultural dialogue.

Interests: collecting of diplomas, blogging, photography.

I never planned to do volunteering. I only planned to study two faculties – tourism and social work. I can say that volunteering came to me. The first steps led me to the kids with Down’s syndrome. And since then I can’t stop. Now I cannot imagine my life without volunteering.

As for New Horizons, I’m not afraid to call it my home. It’s more difficult to say what New Horizons didn’t give me. It is totally different point of view, a lot of “relatives”, a chance to see inner and outer beauty of people, to make “the whole building” from “only one brick”. And the main thing, to develop from “infusorian” into an active, interesting and attracted person.

Анжела Коцоева
Anjela Kocoeva An alumnus of the component "Start" in 2015