New Horizons. Start - the target group are young people 18 to 25 years.

The educational component of this year includes:

1) Festival "New Horizons" (the selection seminar)

2) Summer School (introduction of the program and searching for project ideas)

3) Training for mentors

4) Practical seminar (project development)

5) Implementation of small social projects in local communities

6) Evaluation Seminar (summing up the results of the training year, discuss the results of the implementation of small social projects).

Main topics

  • intercultural dialogue
  • conflict management
  • diversity
  • project management
  • effective communication
  • teambuilding

Feedback from participants

The component "Start" ... the name speaks for itself, it is the beginning of something new, interesting, adventurous and, of course, important in my life. The program "New Horizons" for the word "start" was hiding a huge mass of unexplored areas of non-formal education. I, as a member of this component, felt the wave consisting of emotions, knowledge, experience of trainers, new friends and, of course, the amazing beauty of nature!!! This component gives young people, "the ticket to self-development" and sends them to "the route of project management." This path is thorny and difficult, but trainers give us the necessary tools to achieve the final result - the implementation of a social project that could change the world and make it better !!

Murik Midov Participant