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"New Horizons"  - program of non-formal civic education implemented in Northern Caucasus region since 2012 year.

Goal of program

Promotion of personal and professional development of the youth of the Northern Caucasus, Adygea and Krasnodar Krai for its engagement into social activity

Programs lines

The program "New Horizons" consists of two components:

  • New Horizons. Start – target group is young people from 18 to 25 years.
  • New Horizons. Profi – target group is experts representing different sectors of the economy.

The program is implemented in the Northern Caucasus region, but it is, also, included in the international context and partnership. The program gathers together active and talented young people who want to get to know other cultures; travel, acquire new knowledge, emotions and be changemakers in their own communities; as well as experts who are representing government and business organizations, universities and non-profit organizations.

"The New Horizons" at numbers

During its work in Northern Caucasus, "New Horizons" found large number of supporters and partners and helped to implement a number of outstanding projects and to promote non-formal education through major investments.


9           27           58         128

During 2012-2016:
Participants from 9 regions of South Russia, 18 cities attended
Seminars conducted – 27
Program alumni association – 128
Mentors educated – 34
Facilitators educated– 8
Social mini-projects implemented  – 58
Alumni associations' projects implemented - 4

2017 year:
- 114 participants of "New Horizons 2017" Festival;
- 30 participants of "Start" line;
- 21 participants of "Profi" line;
- 9 participants of mentors training and 1 supervisor



The intercultural project, which covers all subjects of Northern Caucasus Federal District and , of course, Adygea and Krasnodar region.

During 5 years, the project gathered young participants from different regions, giving them knowledge of the non-formal education, non-violent intercultural dialogue, diversity, conflict transformation, social engineering; and helps them to implement initiatives in local communities.

The project is implemented by the Centre for Network  initiatives support (Stavropol), in partnership with the MitOst Asssociation (Germany) and Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg Program (Germany) with the support of media partners in the regions of the Northern Caucasus.

Today New Horizons is large-scale program which is successfully implemented in the sphere of inter-cultural communication and social projects designing, promoting youth and assisting them in self-realization.

It all began in 2010 with the program of Black Sea Young Reformer's Fellowship, which was attended by Rasul Naimanov, who currently is "New Horizons" facilitators' pool member.  The project "Joint Civic Education: the national component" was started in 2012.

The first group of 40 applications were submitted, 25 of them were selected for introductory seminar in Arkhyz village. 5 most interesting projects have been implemented in a number of republics of North Caucasus Federal District, and the results were presented during the evaluation workshop in Vladikavkaz. As Rasul Naimanov says: "It was a good result and a great experience for the first time. After that we knew where to go and what we must to work on".

In 2013, "Joint Civic Education" project received 90 applications and 19 candidates have been accepted to participate. During the workshop 11 high-quality projects were developed by participants under support of experienced trainers; participants were able to get the competence and knowledge required to accomplish the project objectives. Unfortunately, due to certain personal factors, not all participants coped with the implementation of projects. In this regard, the Programme Coordinating Board has come to conclusion that the project requires more active and ambitious candidates with leadership qualities that can more responsibly implement projects and achieve goals.

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We believe that non-formal education program "New Horizons" will reach new  achievements in the field of civic education, social entrepreneurship and intersectional cooperation.

Join us and welcome to "New Horizons"!