"Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people". Steve Jobs



Sophia Shakirova

Head of Center for Network Initiatives Support (Stavropol), mentor of Social Leader Forum and Joint Civic Education programs, alumnus of Actors of Urban Change (all implemented by MitOst Association).

My fields of interest: development and implementation of educational youth programs in different spheres. Interested in social entrepreneurship.


Sokhayla Farakhmand

I’m trainer in Y-peer drama technology, facilitator of Theodor Heuss Kolleg.

Now I’m finishing my study in art-therapy in Psychological Institute of Modern Technologies and studying as well in Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis in “Philosophical counseling by Oscar Brenifier”. I’m interested in art-technologies, psychology and theatre.

Working interests: drama technics in youth work, diversity and values, efficient communication, personal development and conflict transformation.


Iznaur Khazuev

I’m doing Master study in NCFU. I’m fully into writing my master’s thesis in the field of social entrepreneurship. I’m alumnus of New Horizons 2014.

Fields of interest: Conflict management, NVC, efficient communication as well as volunteering, project management and social entrepreneurship.

My advice: Do what you love, love what you do!



Inessa Abramyan

On-line education manager.

I’m a trainer, instructional designer, alumnus of international program “Social Leader Forum”.

Since 2014 I have worked in the field of business on-line education. I also do jogging and dancing.

“New Horizons” for me is people, bright ideas, spontaneous success, motivating challenges and of course mountains. New Horizons stay new, young and daring year by year.



Irina Dzabaeva


I’m a journalist, work in Media Service Life. I’m alumnus of Joint Civic Education “New Horizons” 2013. I do swimming, love warm talks and sometimes play Ossetian accordion.

Fields of interest: intercultural dialogue, leadership, efficient communication in a team, social entrepreneurship and methods of forum-theatre.

Since childhood I’ve had this phrase in my mind and I want to share it with you:
Be better today than you were yesterday!


Ivan Molchanov


I'm alumni of the program "New Horizons. ProFi 2015".
Since March 2016 I have been coverage all the events of the New Horizons program in social networks and on the website.

Interests in work: Facilitation of groups, sustainable development, life long education.



Ismail Aliev

I’m alumnus of Joint Civic Education: Country component 2012. I’ve been a trainer in non-formal education since 2014.

Fields of interest: mentoring, project management, teambuilding, strategic planning, intercultural communication, efficient management and sustainable development.

Coaching for me is an opportunity of endless development, when you work on achieving the common goal together with participants and when you are always in searching of something new. There is a unique atmosphere when you create the process of development and watch the changes in participants.


Rasul Naymanov

I’m alumnus of Joint Civic Education 2011, coordinator of the program New Horizons since 2012, chairperson of public, youth, non-profit organization “Civil and Law Education Club”.

Fields of interest: ethnic and interconfessional conflicts, teambuilding, project management, communication, organizing and holding of events.


Zarema Kuzheva

I’m a trainer in non-formal education in Theodor Heuss Kolleg and supervisor for mentors in New Horizons program.

I’m an alumnus of Joint Civic Education “New Horizons” in 2013.

Now I’m interested in eco-culture.

Fields of interest: diversity, group dynamic and teambuilding, efficient communication, project management, time management, mediation.

“Love and accept your inner sea. A storm can bring treasure and bad weather can contribute to deep thinking”.



Alamnus of program New Horizons 2015. Worked as a journalist from 2011 to 2016. The new facilitator of the Theodor Heuss Kolleg.

Fields of interest:: conflictology, critical thinking, media literacy, project management and social entrepreneurship.

"Movement is life."