Social project

The project of participants of the program "New Horizons. Start 2016" in Vladikavkaz and Makhachkala.

The project "The Caucasus Together" was implemented by Lana Tskhovrebova in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania from September to November 2016.

The project was aimed at promoting the strengthening and harmonization of inter-ethnic and inter-confessional youth interaction, through the implementation of productions on the method of "Social Theater".

Within the framework of the project, were conducted trainings for the development of acting skills, trainings on social theater, presentation of the set scenes. The project involved 250 people. During the entire period of the project implementation, 6 perfomances were presented. This initiative increased the percentage of interested youth in Vladikavkaz and Makhachkala in resolving interethnic and inter-confessional problems; popularized the method of "social theater", as a tool to solve the above problems; assisted to the development of the creative potential of young people through activities of theatrical