Social project "LIFE IN PAINTS"

Project of the participants of the program "New Horizons. Start 2016" in Nalchik.

All projects The project "Life in colors" was realized by Jamilya Musukova in the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria (Nalchik).

The project was aimed at informing the public about the fact that children with disabilities are full members of society.

Within the framework of the project, a photo session was held for children on the territory of the Raduga sanatorium (department of cerebral palsy); was organized the trip with pupils of boarding school

№3 to the park, photo session of children in the park and a small table with refreshments for them in the cafe. The closing event was the photo exhibition "Life in Paints".

As a result of the project, the public learned about the problems of children with disabilities, children were able to communicate and find new friends, received colorful photos and saw themselves at the photo exhibition. In the future, Jamila wants to make this photo exhibition throughout the entire North Caucasus Federal District, using new sponsors interested in the issue.