Social project "HEALTHY SOCIETY"

The project of the participants of the program "New Horizons. Start 2016" in the KCHR.

Social project "HEALTHY SOCIETY" was realiazed by Shamil Batchaev and Nauruz Kappushev in the republic Karachaevo Cherkessia. The aim of the project was to increase the level of students' involvement in the development of a healthy lifestyle, as well as active participation in the sports life of the city of Karachaevsk. The project included daily morning exercises, as well as various sports games during the exercises. A friendly soccer match was organized between the students of the Karachaevo-Cherkess State University and students of the University of Zapadnotsche. But the most important event was the "KCHSU Volleyball Championship", where together with the KCHSU organized inter-faculty competitions among women's volleyball teams. The result exceeded expectations, as participants and spectators were much more than planned. Thanks to this project, the " KCHSU Volleyball Championship" will be held annually at the university.