Social project "ALANTIME"

The project " ALANTIME " was implemented by Zukhra Kappusheva in the republic Karachaevo – Cherkessia in the perion from September to November, 2016.

The aim of the project was to increase the level of proficiency in the native language of Karachai youth through the use of Skype meetings. The main task of Zukhra was to create an enabling environment for the practice of the native language, as well as coordination and administration of distance and face-to-face meetings among young people for language practice. As a result, most participants confirmed the effectiveness of the project and noted that the regularity and frequency of communication in Karachai language increases skills and reduces the language barrier. Several participants noted that frequent language practice helps to overcome shyness during pronunciation. It is expected that the project will function fully for several months after the end of the financing.