Social project "IT-SCHOOL"

Project of “New Horizons. Start 2016” participants in village Dargo (Chechen Republic)


Project IT-school was implemented by two participants of “New Horizons. Start 2016” – Shemil Saidarov and Isa Ezerbaiev.

The project was aimed to improve the level of IT knowledge of 8-11 year schoolchildren in village Dargo (Chechen Republic) for preventing difficulties in studying at University.

Isa and Shemil held educational courses and workshops 3-4 times a week during a month for schoolchildren As a result, students gained some IT-knowledge and were able to apply it entering College or University. Also a lot of students got interested in IT-direction that has positive effect for this qualification image as the most popular fields in the Republic are Economics and Law.

The participants have an idea of continuing the project with the help of founding free IT-school. They are planning to involve more schools and volunteers.

IT школа